Alimak Hek in the construction industry

Alimak Hek is the name you can trust for safe, productive, and economical vertical access solutions based on the rack and pinion technology. Our offering comprises construction hoists, work platforms, transport platforms, material hoists, industrial lifts, and a wide range of after sales services.Alimak Hek is the world’s leading supplier of rack and pinion vertical access solutions for people and materials in the construction industry.

TPL 500 & 300
AlimakHek has strengthened its light range with the new TPL 500&300, personnel and material transport platform. It’s simple, flexible and robust design puts it ahead of its competitors and is suitable for all vertical access to buildings or scaffoldings, either for new constructions or for refurbishments.
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Alimak sc 45
The all-new fully modular Alimak SC 45 is based on the proven design of the Alimak Scando 450, which has been very successful in the market. The new Alimak SC 45/30 is assembled at the Alimak Hek production facilities in Changshu in China.
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Mast climbing work platform(HEK MC 650)
Alimak Hek introduces the latest generation of mast climbing work platforms with the launch of the new HEK MC 650 and HEK MC 450. These platforms provide a robust and exible access solution, while balancing performance, quality and eficiency in all types of façade work. As the newest addition to Alimak Hek’s expanding product portfolio, the HEK MC 650 and 450 deliver simplicity of operation and ease of installation at a highly competitive price.
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Passenger and material hoist(SCANDO 65/32)
As part of an ongoing product portfolio expansion, Alimak Hek introduces two new construction hoists that deliver on the Company’s commitment to quality, productivity and safety. The heavy-duty ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32 construction hoist offers outstanding performance and impressive payload capacities, while the medium range ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 is designed to efficiently transport passengers and materials on even the most challenging construction sites.
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Construction Hoist(SCANDO 45/30)
The new ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 construction hoist offers outstanding performance. The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 combines a medium-range hoist concept with a 450 mast to deliver on Alimak's quality and safety promise. Designed and assembled at Alimak’s production facility in Sweden, this hoist is a modern, flexible hoist solution with EN-approval capable of sharing a mast with the Alimak medium range of transport platforms, material hoists and mast climbing work platforms.
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Alimak Hek Vertical Access Equipment (Changshu) Company Limited
is ISO 9001 Certified