Europa is proud to be associated with Jaso (Made in spain). Jaso are category A4 cranes which is the highest categorisation of cranes you can get in the world. Attached below detailed explaination with the difference between A4 and A3 cranes. But to put it simply category A4 cranes are safer and stronger and have a life of over 30 years where as many brands being sold in the market are A3.

Europa has sold over 25 tower cranes in Kenya alone ranging with jibs of 36m all the way to 60m and heights from as low as 40m to 110m. Our aftersales and service team back this product up with installation and jacking services. Jaso being a category A4 crane makes the crane incredibly reliably and perfectly suited to our region with safety being paramount and higher free standing heights being achieved.

Hydraulic Luffing
JASO offers two hydraulic Luffing cranes with a design feature of high out of service position in comparison to standard Luffing jib cranes. The hydraulic ram placed behind the tower head is a superior design for the Luffing boom motion.
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City cranes
City cranes are designed to work in cities and on projects that have lighter load requirements.The main use is on construction sites that use between half a cubic meter and one cubicmeter of concrete cubes. Their specially designed 1.18 m. square mast, light jibs andeasily divided components, makes their erection possible in less than a day using smallermobile cranes.A single jacking cage works on all ten models because JASO designed all mast sections in this range so they have the same dimensions.
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Top Line cranes
This crane series features large cranes with a heavy load capacity with main featuresbeing their simple assembly, maintenance and handling. Cranes from this range are used for lifting heavy loads, mostly in construction with prefabricated blocks, steel structures as well as warehouse applications, heavy equipment maintenance, dams, special bridges, etc. JASO equips them with high powered and highspeed mechanisms, and advanced electrical and safety systems.
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Jaso (Changshu) Company Limited
is ISO 9001 Certified