Is one of Europas best performing and highest selling brand. These mixers have been lapped up by the market because of their competitive pricing and their excellent performance. Of course it also helps when you have a back up and service team like europas that also stocks all the spares.Altrad mixers are designed with anti-abrasive drums. These drums have been specially designed and coated to last longer for shaper and harder aggregate mixing. The aggregate we get in Kenya is sometimes very sharp and hard. The problem with the other mixers is the drums get worn out too quickly. The altrad design eliminates this headache.

Hydraulic Reversing Drum concrete mixer
Very Compact and be termed as mini batching plant with loading scrapers- water liter counter & weigh batching system.Available in with diesel or electric with a drum size ranging from 350 liters to 1000 liters, these are perfect on site mixers, with a strong tow bar to pull around on site and very good wheels.
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