Europa have partnered with a South African company in providing tailor made solutions for warehousing. Dock leveller is a very well established brand in South Africa and have assisted Europa breaking this market with their knowledge in this field.Together with europa we have launched the new crash proof lip mechanism that allows your vehicles to crash into the lip when it is fully extended and the lip will simply fold away. As the vehicle is pulled forward again the lip will simply re-extend itself.

Dock Leveller
These are essentially used for assisting with loading and offloading goods at warehouses or locations..Trucks have a clearence height which reverse onto the dock leveller and allow easier offloading of goodsThe Dock-Rite Dockleveller is the strongest on the South African market, this coupled with our new crash resistant lip mechanism, makes the Dock-Rite Dockleveller a safe system even against reckless transport drivers.
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Mobility is guaranteed with a mobile loading ramp.Expanded mesh laid over a 10mm thick deck plate that will not retain water and will provide your forklift with secure slip resistant access to vehicle loading or offloading situations. The expanded mesh over 10mm plate results in not only better grip but also much stronger deck able to withstand loads much more effectively.
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