Arja is a Spanish based company that specializes in impact crushing. Crushing is a very abrasive business, and with the stone available in the East African region, we require some of the best machines as the wear and tear can be high increasing running and maintenance costs. Impact crushing shapes the aggregate into a rounder shape simple from the method of how it crushes. This also readuces flakiness in the product. Structural engineers have become very strict on product quality and emphasize on this as rounder aggregate is easier and binds better in concrete and asphalt. Crushing has traditionally four stages: primary crushing,secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and screening.

Screen SC-CVP
The latest technological advances implemented for screens and scalping screens .SC-CVP screens ensures the size of your aggregates.
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Jaw Crusher JCR-P Leo and S- Leo are proven high reliabilty. They are robustly built for better performance due to its quality build arrangement.
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Impact crushers ICR-S Tauro are heavy duty parts to deal with the hardest stones. They offer the lowest wear cost per ton.
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Feeders FD-AVA and FD-AVM have an accurate feed-rate and enhances the productivity of your plant while reducing the operational costs.
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