Stirrup Bender
The Stirrup Bender is a high-tech product with independent intellectual property developed independently by SKZ and is integrated with 3 functions, i.e. straightening, bending and cutting functions, so steel bars can be hooped and bended by it in one step; the bender is featured by the less auxiliary power, high processing speed, high precision, high efficiency and long service life, it is initiated in China and fills up a technical gap in our country.
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Rebar sawing&threading machine
This machine is a kind of automatic integrated equipment, which is mainly aimed at cutting rebar and then threading the end of the bars. The steel bar can be cut automatically according to the requirements and ensure the end does not deform, and then the threading it. In the processing of small diameter steel bar, the steel bar can be made larger in diameter and stronger in connection by thickening its two heads. At the same time, after completing the threading, the uneven part of the rebar end can be polished.
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CNC-vertical double bender
A flexible central rebar lock design ensures the bending precision.A special bending panel design gives the rebar a long service life.The bending shaft is controlled using a servo motor, achieving a high bending precision.A moveable bending unit allows for flexible sizing of the bending length.

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Rebar shearline
This machine is mainly used for cutting large diameter and high strength steel bar. The steel bar can be cut to the required length automatically and the good material can be classified and stored.
The machine is widely used in highway construction and other industries, suitable for cutting steel bars of different lengths. This machine reduces the auxiliary labor, achieves the processed product length standard, the size is accurate, and the efficiency is high.

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